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Hyosung 5000k Keypad Repair and Upgrade FAQs 


We have been in the business for years and have come to realize people hate throwing away perfectly good equipment. Ever since EMV has taken over, companies all over the world have thrown away perfectly working 5000k keypads as they are not PCI compliant. The manufacturer will not service these 5000k keypads any longer and many companies are left with boxes of them cluttering their warehouses. Here at ATM Repair Services, we are introducing a new way keep what you have. This new repair will upgrade your extremely old 5000k keypads into the new keypad version PCI 1.0 6000k keypad and include our same warranty as our 6000k keypad repair. Many countries have already been forced to switch to the 6000k keypads completely as their 5000k keypads will not allow the EMV kits to be turned on. This upgrade has proven effective to those countries where this upgrade has taken place. This repair will replace any 5000k keypad with version V03-02-01 or older with the 6000k software of V08-00-00 and will allow the keypads to function correctly on machines upgraded to EMV. If you have any questions about this upgrade please feel free to contact our support team at:

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