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Hyosung Keypad Repair and Reprogram FAQs 

We get asked all of the time if we can can  repair Hyosung keypads and the answer is Yes. We offer a repair service for 5000K, 6000K, 8000R, and X1 Hyosung Keypads. 

We will first want to make sure you have tried to reset your keypad as it may be a simple fix. Follow the video link below for instructions to troubleshoot your keypad.

Alright, now that you have tried that, power on your machine and check to see if you have a red and green LED  on. The red LED on should be the second one in, and the green LED should be the second furthest one out.  If your red LED is not on or there is another red LED on instead you are going to want to send that in for repair it most likely has lost its program. If you are not getting any input from the keypad, your master keys wont load, or you are still getting errors with the keypad, you will want to send it in also. Sometimes error codes can be caused by your mainboard needing repair also, but can be difficult to tell which one is acting up.  We do offer an industry leading warranty on our repairs of 6 months which is just to give you peace of mind that we stand behind our Hyosung keypad repair and refurbishment.

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